Team/Life Period 6



Teacher: Mrs. Nicolo 

            Email: Brittany_Nicolo@dpsk12.orgPhone: 720-423-7025

Course Title:Team/Life Activities

Course Objective:To participate at a competent level in a variety of lifelong sports as well as understanding the importance of physical activity. 

Materials Needed:  Google Classroom account, Remind app, and daily uniform

Topics to be potentially covered:

  1. Ultimate Frisbee              9.  Basketball
  2. Flag Football                    10. Pickleball 
  3. Soccer                               11. Lacrosse 
  4. Volleyball                         12.  Skill Relate Components 
  5. Floor Hockey                   13. Health Related Components
  6. Spikeball                          14. Heart Related Components 
  7. Sharbade                         15. Heart Rate Zones 
  8. Team Handball                16. Anatomy 

Assignments:Journaling, Activity Log, Nutrition Log, Google Classroom assignments, Self, Peer and Community Evaluations, Sport Vocabulary 

Tests and Quizzes:  Fitness Tests, Skill, Rules and Strategy Assessments, and Final

Projects & Special Activities:  Creating a new game

Late Work: ANY homework that is turned in late (based on designated time or day) will receive ½ credit. Any day after that will result in an automatic zero. 

Make-up Work: Student will receive the number of days EXCUSED absence plus one day to complete assignment or make-up physical work. (Teacher directed)

Grading System: Total points based on active participation, proper dress, attendance, tardiness, homework and tests (both written and physical)

Daily Point System: 10 points possible each day

  • Present: 1 point
  • On Assigned Number: 1 point
  • TJHS Identification Card: 1 point
  • In Full TJ PE Uniform: 2 points
  • Participation in Activities: 4 points 
  • S.P.A.R.T.A.N. Values: 1 point

Special Rules: No food or gum allowed in the dance studio or locker room, NO CELL PHONES or IPods (unless otherwise instructed), proper behavior and attitude expected, lock up all clothing and valuables, and follow TJHS Core Values.

Dress:Required T.J. P.E. Shirt and Shorts OR Solid gray t-shirt, solid black shorts (small stripes okay)/solid color sweats (small stripes okay), logo smaller than palm of hand AND athletic shoes 

For your signature of acknowledgement:

Students: please sign into Google Classroom & the Remind app using the student code. Parents:please sign into the Remind app using the parent code. Complete by August 23rd.

Student Google Classroom Code: o08bwqt

Student Remind App: TEXT @tlpd6stud to 81010

Parent Remind App: TEXT @tlpd6par to 81010

Thomas Jefferson High School

Physical Education Department

Policies and Procedures 2018-2019

Our emphasis in the Physical Education Department is on physical fitness, an acquisition of skills that will allow recreational participation in a variety of activities and sports and stressing competition with self rather than with others.  It is our intent to help our students understand the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle. The following policies, procedures and expectations have been set to optimize your student’s experience in Physical Education.

Attendance:Follow school absence policy (see Student Handbook). Regular attendance is vital to a student’s educational development; therefore, attendance and daily participation are an integral part of his or her grade. 

Tardy:School wide tardy policy. Be in the gym, on yourassigned numberwhen the tardy bell rings. After attendance you will have 5 minutes to change into your P.E. uniform and report to activity.

Dressing: You will be expected to dress out in your P.E. clothes EVERYDAY.P

Shirt:  TJHS PE T-Shirt, TJHS T-Shirt or a PLAIN Gray Shirt

Bottoms: TJHS PE Shorts, ALL Black shorts or solid color sweatpants

Shoes: Laced Tennis Shoes

  • TJ Gray P.E. Department T-Shirt: S-L: $8  XXL:$10 XXXL:$11; TJ Black Mesh Shorts: $12.  XXL :$14  XXXL: $15 
  • You will be assigned a locker in the locker room to put your lock on. You may not share a lock or locker with another student. Everyone MUST PURCHASE A TJ SCHOOL LOCK & MUST HAVE A PE LOCKER. Backpacks AND Cell phonesmust be put in locker room.No exceptions.
  • Swimming Classes: Towel, trunks for the boys, and one-piece bathing suit for the girls. A TJ Lock must also be purchased
  • Females must wear the appropriate undergarment attire when in Physical Education class. 
  • ***If you have problems meeting these requirements please contact your teacher.

Participation:  Take an active part in whatever activity that is planned for the day. You must dress, participate and complete assignments to receive a grade. 

Graduation Requirement: Two semesters of Physical Education credit.  

NO DRESS POLICY for 3 Week Periods

  •        1st Incorrect uniform will be given a loaner uniform for the class period
  •        2ndIncorrect uniform will be given a loaner uniform + reduction in daily grade
  •        3th  Incorrect uniform will be sent to the Passroom with written work for the class period and will be 
  •        completed
  •        4thIncorrect uniform will be sent to counselor to potentially drop class. 

**If a student refuses to change into a loaner uniform, they will be directly sent to the Passroom followed by dropping the class if an additional infraction occurs.  ** **The borrowing of loaners reset every 3 weeks**

Education is a partnership between parent(s), student and teacher. Part of the parents’ responsibility is to ensure that the student has a uniform, attends class regularly, and that the school has correct current phone number and emergency contact. The students’ responsibility is to attend class regularly, dress out, actively participate in class, show respect for other students, the staff and respect the school and school property. 

Medical Excuse: A medical excuse must be obtained by a doctor or the school nurse BEFORE reporting to class. It should state the nature of the injury or illness and the length of time the student may not participate. By nature, participation in Physical Education activities includes a risk of injury, which may range in severity. Although serious injuries are not common in supervised school Physical Education programs, it is impossible to eliminate this risk. Participants can, and have, the responsibility to help reduce the possibility of risk. Participants must obey all safety rules, report all physical problems to the teacher, follow a proper conditioning program and respect their own equipment. If your son/daughter has a physical condition or disability, which may affect his/her class performance, please contact the schools nurse in writing or by telephone (720) 423-7000. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your instructor.